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A recruitment AI platform for enrolling students from across the globe


Admissions Management Software to manage your students, agents, campuses all powered by AI


Custom next-gen technology products & services to cater to your every institutional need

Direct Student Recruitment Platform

Access to a growing number of students, institutions and agencies globally

Real time updates to all stakeholders on applications received and sent

All-in-one interface for application form, essays, documents and video interviews

AI technology to ensure authenticity of student application and ensure data privacy

24/7 Admissions team available to fast track the process and provide on-call support

A credible management team made of professionals with more than 30 years of combined expertise in student recruitment

White Labelled Admissions Platform

iSC All-Round Admissions Platform

Monitor enrollment needs, student demographics for faster decisions


Manage agent, incoming students, commissions

Program Search With Commission For Agents

Counselors and agents can search programs directly

Student Progress Monitoring

Monitor student application live status

Additional Support For Students

Loans, travel, test prep, forex

Technology Services


Our conversational AI platform provides 24/7 AI-powered chatbots, predictive routing, live advisor assistance & real-time student

Video Interview Analysis

The tool helps with job interview preperations & student evaluations using facial gesture recognition, emotion detection, behavioral analytics & real time training

Essay and SOP Grading

We assist with document analysis and grading systems with features such as grammar checking, plagiarism detection, sentence formation & subjective grading

Document Understanding

We assist with document classification and data extraction using features like resume reading capability, transcript interpretation, one-click profile fill-up & benchmarking tools

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